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Miriam Speyer: "All of the Time"

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“All of The Time” began as a loose collection of songs and a deep desire to record them. After a successful kickstarter campaign, (Thank you!) I reached out to several local musicians and discovered an amazing chemistry with Patrick Korte (drums), Tommy Folen (bass), and Max Miller-Loren (keyboards).  Vibraphonist Dan Neville also joined us on a few of the songs.  

The crew getting ready to record

Going into the studio, I was most adamant about one thing:  Keeping a warm, natural approach.  As much as possible, I wanted the rhythm tracking to be done live, with all the musicians in the same room, and no click track.  I’ve learned again and again that perfection is not what makes music enjoyable.  Vibe and heart is everything, and this group of musicians had a lot of both! 

I knew without hesitation that I wanted to work with Engineer and co-producer Mike Walti of Wyldwood Studios in Oakland, CA. 

MCI 416B recording console which once belonged to Muscle Shoals studio!....Can you even imagine the history this board has witnessed????

L to R: Mikey at the console...Patrick Korte and Mike Walti dialing the perfect drum tone...Dan Neville tracking vibraphone


Listening back at Wyldwood Studios

We completed all of the Rhythm section tracking in 3 days, then moved on to vocals and vocal overdubs.  Things were moving along quickly and sounding good.  Then something very unexpected and tragic happened.  On March 21st, 2015 there was a big fire in the artist collective/wear house space which housed Wyldwood Studios.  2 lives were lost in the fire, and Wyldwood Studios sustained major water damage.  We were all completely heart-broken and unsure of what the future held for Mike and for Wyldwood Studios.  As for the record? — Thankfully all the files were safe. 

L to R: Tommy Folen on the bass...Miriam at the vocal mic...Max Miller-Loren adding keyboard overdubs at his home studio

After Taking a couple of moths off, we re-approached the album.  The process of adding overdubs and mixing happened slowly and nomadically, as space and time allowed for it.  Some of Mike’s friends and keyboardist Max Miller-Loren were very kind to let us use their home studios.  Eventually (and against some serious odds!) the album was finished and ready to be mastered! 

L to R: The Crew stepping out for some fresh air at Wyldwood Studios...Mastering engineer Myles Boisen and Mike Walti...Miriam with the final master!

I am very grateful to everyone involved in the making of this album! 
~ Miriam

***Update:  Mike Walti found and renovated a new space for Wyldwood Studios in Berkeley, CA.  He’s also got a retail space there for records and vintage clothing called Wyldwood Records and Relics.  Check it out!  Instagram: @wyldwoodrecordsandrelics  Web: www.wyldwoodstudios.net  

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