Miriam Speyer is a singer/songwriter/artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Known for her intuitive melodies and smooth, honest vocal delivery, Miriam’s music has rightly been described as “musical aloe vera.”  In addition to producing and performing work under her own name, Miriam is active as a creative collaborator and co-writer.

Like many musicians, young Miriam got her musical start in church.  Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan to two music enthusiasts, Miriam and her 3 sisters regularly sang hymns in 4-part harmony for the members of their church.  Although music was dear to her, Miriam’s primary creative outlet through her childhood and young adulthood was visual art (drawing and painting).  The fall of 2006 brought 2 major changes:  A move across the country to San Francisco, and the first guitar.  As soon as Miriam began to learn to navigate the neck of a guitar, songs started pouring out of her as if they had been waiting for several lifetimes to be written!

In 2009 Miriam recorded and produced her first album, “Miriam Speyer & New Blend.”  In the years that followed, Miriam discovered jazz and established herself as a dynamic vocalist in the Bay Area jazz scene.  Then, in 2011, when her guitarist boyfriend needed a bass player for his band, Miriam took up the electric bass.  In no time at all she was playing bass and singing harmonies full time with several Bay Area bands including Sang Matiz, The Emily Anne Band (on America’s Got Talent 2012), and Shake Your Peace.

In 2013 Miriam was hired by Swedish Producer Christoffer Lundquist (Roxette) to record bass on an album by Norwegian Artists Magnus and Hanna Maria Groeneberg (CC Cowboys).  Then in 2014, Miriam caught the attention of Emmy award-winning Producer Lucas Cantor.  Lucas and Miriam, along with composer/producer Michael Levine, are currently finishing their second EP of trailer soundtrack material for Audio Network, a London-based licensing library.   

The recent release of her second full-length album “All of the Time,” is a beautiful tribute not only to Miriam’s skill as a writer and producer, but also to her dedication as an artist.

Here's an interview with Miriam from 2009!